Glasgow is a city of transformation.  From the birth of the industrial revolution and the heavy industry associated with the “workshop of the world”, to its cultural reinvention in the 1990’s, Glasgow has never stood still. Today, Glasgow is taking part in the most important transformation in its history – to become one of the most sustainable and smart cities in Europe.

Glasgow will again be at the forefront of a new industrial revolution – the Green Revolution, which will deliver not just a greener world, but a more sustainable economy and a fairer and just society. Glasgow aims to be a leading city for renewable technology, and is using its historic strengths in engineering and education, to deliver a low carbon economy that will not only deliver a greener environment, but will deliver a better life for all our people.

Through RUGGEDISED, Glasgow will continue on its journey – transforming from an industrial city to a sustainable, resilient and low carbon city, focused on the future, growing from its past, and delivering a greener and smarter city.


RUGGEDISED in Glasgow focuses on the demonstration area and its Smart Street. The street is located in the city centre along a section of George Street and Duke Street, in an area of mixed residential, academic, community, retail, and industrial buildings. It will seek to address the challenges Glasgow faces from ageing infrastructure, fuel poverty and air pollution; by integrating planned regeneration and development with smart city capabilities.

The Smart Street will include: district heating, an innovative roof mounted solar PV canopy, ducted wind turbines, energy arbitrage, power storage, EV charging, and smart grid controls.





Tour of the RUGGEDISED solutions in Glasgow