Parma is an Italian city of 192,000 inhabitants located in the Emilia-Romagna region, halfway between Milan and Bologna. Parma’s smart city vision is to accelerate the city’s sustainability and innovation. To implement its vision, Parma signed the Covenant of Mayors (2013) and the Mayors Adapt Initiative (2014). The City has a zero waste strategy and in 2015 new energy regulations for the city were issued to increase energy efficiency and the use of RES. The new policy and plan for urban planning and regeneration protects and promotes the city’s environmental integrity and cultural identity.

By working with the other partners of the project, Parma will bring about a decisive change in the behaviour of citizens, in view of a more conscious and smart use of energy and mobility. This will be attained by integrating the knowledge and the experience gained in RUGGEDISED with a number of other local and European projects whose common goal is to aggregate citizens and stakeholders around the notion that sustainability is indeed a collective commodity. Thanks to the ground-breaking activities that RUGGEDISED will set in motion, Parma expects to be a model replicator and an inspirational example for other Italian and European mid-size cities.



The Parma University Campus is the scientific centre of the University of Parma. It covers an area of about 77 hectares located in the south of the city, with several buildings for teaching and scientific research. A strategic and innovative project, called Mastercampus, has been developed for the regeneration of the area. The project sees the area as a model district for the experimentation of innovative and integrated solutions to be later extended to other areas of the city. It currently includes 35 projects of 16 research departments in seven main thematic areas: energy management, environment, innovative construction, ICT, green economy, wellbeing health and lifestyle, architectural and urban forms, liveability and sociality.



RUGGEDISED Parma interview Patrizia Marani Eugenia Capone Nov16
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