Smart City Deep Dive: Umeå

With most of Europe working remotely, we’d like to invite you to the Ruggedised Digital Deep Dive session focused on the city of Umeå. One of our lighthouse cities, Umeå is a very special place. Sitting on the edge of the Arctic Circle, it is a young modern city, with a population of 124,000. Here, the natural world co-exists with the urban environment.

Energy efficiency and low carbon solutions are especially important in such places. Sadly, we can’t bring you to Umeå at the moment. But through the Digital Deep Dive we hope to do the next best thing, showcasing the smart city solutions being developed there.

During this interactive online session, Umeå partners will be lifting the lid on their key developments. We’ll be hearing about the city’s integrated approach to combining their technical solutions, and their smart building concept. This includes the use of smart control equipment to control airflow, room climate and presence-activated lighting.

A wide range of sensor-data, time-scheduling components and weather station data are aggregated in their Demand Side Management system. This allows the data to shape a more detailed understanding and improved management of energy needs and usage. Solar energy is stored in batteries to manage energy use and top loads and all of these solutions interact and depend on each other.

The Digital Deep Dive will give you a front seat to hear the Umeå story. It will also give you the chance to react, exchange and bring your own experience to the discussion. Just because we have stopped travelling, doesn’t mean we’ve stopped connecting!


During the Digital Deep Dive we will shine a spotlight on two Umeå solutions and how they fit in with the wider smart city work in the city. We will also bring in Key Witnesses from the smart city projects IRIS and Sharing Cities as well as a few special guests to provide perspectives and input from across Europe. We will have special breakout sessions to allow for input from you and a deep dive into the solutions.

To guide us through the session, we are happy to present Eddy Adams of EA Consultants, our Coordinator Albert Engels of Rotterdam  and Carina Aschan, RUGGEDISED project leader in Umeå.

Smart Solution  - Intelligent Control Systems


  • Sara Ghahani, Energy and Sustainability Consultant, WSP Sweden
  • Kristoffer Linder, Technical Manager, Region Västerbotten

Read the Factsheet or watch the movie

Smart Solution #9: Demand Side Management


  • Professor Thomas Olofsson, Faculty of Science and Technology, Umeå University
  • Lisa Redin, Ruggedised project manager at Umeå University

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Umeå's Smart Distrct at a glance

In RUGGEDISED, Umeå will focus on an Innovation District that is situated immediately to the east of Umeå city centre, the University city area, which includes a mix of residential, academic and research facilities from two universities, a regional hospital, and community, recreational and commercial buildings. The neighbourhood is characterised by its young, student-influenced, population with 40, 000 daily visitors. As such, the neighbourhood is one of the least car-dependent neighbourhoods in Umeå. The area will triple its inhabitants during the time of the project. Amongst the smart solutions implemented, the RUGGEDISED project will look at peak load variation management, shared use of energy and a smart, open- data city decision platform.