RUGGEDISED Final Event & Recharge Earth

On 6 September 2022, anyone working towards a clean urban energy transition is invited to attend the final RUGGEDISED Smart Cities and Communities event. This final showcase of RUGGEDISED related work will be followed by the Recharge Earth Energy Transition Conference on 7 - 8 September, 2022, which will also feature RUGGEDISED best practices.

Taking place in Rotterdam, the event combines the lessons from the RUGGEDISED project, where the cities of Rotterdam, Glasgow, Umeå, Parma, Brno and Gdansk have worked with researchers and private industry on pushing urban transition through Smart City developments and methods, with the Recharge Earth Conference. Recharge Earth is the event for professionals involved in the energy transition, investigating how a cleaner energy supply involves complex issues that cannot be solved by any one actor.

The entire event takes place in the RUGGEDISED demonstration area, Heart of South, at the Rotterdam Ahoy Conference Centre, with the first day being dedicated to the lessons drawn in the RUGGEDISED Project. The project, consisting of more than 40 partners, supported by almost €18 million from the Horizon European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, was led by the City of Rotterdam, and is hosting participants on 6 September. On the following days, 7-8 September, the Recharge Earth Conference will share both RUGGEDISED lessons and knowledge from other areas of the energy transition.

Programme: 6 September

The first day of the final event is dedicated to learning, discussing and exchanging views based on the work done in RUGGEDISED. In sessions that will require engagement and openness from all participants, the RUGGEDISED invites on a journey to shape how we will create buildings, districts and entire cities in support of climate neutrality. The programme will include:

  • 9.00 Official welcome from the City of Rotterdam
  • 9.20 ‘The innovations of RUGGEDISED’
  • 9:30 The Lighthouse Stories
  • 10:30 Innovation capacity in European Smart Cities
  • 11:00 Networking opportunity (and coffee!)
  • 11.30 Smart change in cities: reflections from the Fellow Cities
  • 12.30 Extended networking (Lunch)
  • 13:30 How to set up city-led urban innovation systems?
  • 14.30 The Legacy of RUGGEDISED
  • 14:45 Networking opportunity
  • 15.15 Bridging the financial gap to succeed with climate neutral cities
  • 16.15 Outro
  • 16:30 Study Tours!!

The first day is free of charge and you can register here.

Recharge Earth: 7-8 September

Recharge Earth is the platform for professionals involved in the energy transition. A cleaner energy supply involves complex issues that cannot be solved individually. That is why Recharge Earth will bring together key stakeholders during its second edition on September 7 and 8. To inspire each other, share knowledge and jointly explore a new energy future.

The conference will include high-level political speakers and enaging plenary session. Important themes will be discussed in an international programme with RUGGEDISED partners putting special focus on how digitalisation and a social perspective can help support the energy transition throughout Europe.

The conference includes two tracks, one on 'Ports & Industries' and another on 'Cities & Communities' in which RUGGEDISED the RUGGEDISED partners are supporting.


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