Rotterdam eNews - June 2017

Looking at the new Heart of South

Rotterdam, as RUGGEDISED project coordinator, wants to be a city that contributes to a sustainable world. While developing the Heart of South district we will implement 13 smart solutions on sustainable energy, ICT, data and e-mobility. The cooperation between the partners is very important and sometimes requires a diplomatic touch. In the end, it always makes us happy to bring together and manage different kinds of people and companies who all have creative ideas on how to realise innovative smart solutions.

André Houtepen, RUGGEDISED project manager, City of Rotterdam

PROJECT TIMING: Month 6 / 60


Cooperation between all partners on a high technical level


Spreading RUGGEDISED across the city


This range of solutions consists of a thermal distribution grid, geothermal heat and cold storage and sustainable energy generation by waste water, surface water and a pavement heat-cold collector. The goal is to connect large buildings in the area to this low temperature grid. Partners involved are: Ballast-Heijmans, Eneco and the city of Rotterdam. The biggest challenge right now is to close the gap of the business case and perhaps build up the grid in stages. By redesigning the system we are now getting close to an acceptable financial and sustainable solution. The grid is future-proof, by which I mean that we have already taken into account in the design the possibilities for other big buildings (e.g. hospital and shopping center) to connect to the grid. The lesson learnt is the big influence on CO2 reduction of a the good reference situation (city district heating), and the challenge would be to come up with an even better solution.


Local public transport company and RUGGEDISED partner RET were instructed by the Metropole Region Rotterdam – The Hague (MRDH) to start the transition to Zero Emission Busses in Rotterdam. This will mean a large step in the elaboration of ICT solutions within RUGGEDISED. RET will start with the “large scale deployment of electric vehicles” from 2019. Partners Ballast Nedam – Heijmans and the City of Rotterdam have recently started the further development of the public transport terminal within the Heart of South project (in which RUGGEDISED innovations are implemented). This terminal will also be housing the bus charging solution. The connection between RUGGEDISED and the area development is becoming stronger and stronger. In terms of planning concrete steps are made on organisation and cooperation, we are now aiming to advance the realisation side of things.

Solution n° R5: this solution consists of a DC cable which feeds in solar energy (over 12.000 m2) into a battery storage, supplying the quick chargers for the E-busses with electricity. Also 25 two-way smart charging points will be implemented and if possible integrated in the smart street lighting. Together with partners RET, Ballast-Heijmans, Eneco and City of Rotterdam this is carried out. These solutions have just started and the biggest progress is on solar energy where the business model is almost ready, but the search for big roof area is still going on. A challenge is to find a business model for the DC cable and battery storage.