Glasgow eNews - Feb. 2018

Working together on the Smart Street

Following the detailed design and planning phase in the first year of the project, we are excited to move into the implementation phase where the coming months will see visible changes in the ‘Smart Street’ in Glasgow. Partnership working with other ‘smart city’ projects in the city continues to be vital to the success of RUGGEDISED, along with the strong relationships that have been formed between the Glasgow consortium and our partners in the other cities.

Gavin Slater, RUGGEDISED project manager, Glasgow City Council


Smart Solution G1 is progressing. This solution looks at Heat and Cold exchange by connecting buildings to district heating networks through the development of business models. Legal consultants have now been appointed to work on this, however there has been a slight delay to the procurement of financial consultants. An appointment is expected to be made in March with works commencing thereafter for 3 months. Working together with the Local Authority, and the businesses within the smart district, the consultants will develop contractual models that will form the basis of future contracts in the city between public and private producers and consumers.

PROJECT TIMING: Month 16 / 60


Developing the EV charging infrastructure plans to create the first electric vehicle charging hub in the city with the continued support of the consortium.


Continuing to engage with the citizens both in the district and across the city as the implementation of physical infrastructure takes place.


EV charging infrastructure

Work is continuing to progress with the EV charging infrastructure and, following a Work Package 1 meeting in November, partners from GCC, Transport Scotland, Scottish Power Energy Networks and Siemens are due to visit Rotterdam later this month to meet with TNO and the team that successfully implemented the EV taxi charging infrastructure in Rotterdam. It is hoped that the lessons learned from this visit will inform the continued role out of charging infrastructure in Glasgow.

Intelligent Street Lighting

Work has also progressed with the Intelligent Street Lighting and contractors have now been selected for the roll-out of the new lighting columns, Central Management System and communications protocol. The roll-out of the new LED Intelligent Street Lighting in the district and across the city will commence in April 2018. Street lighting column mounted EV chargers will also be procured in the near future.



Domestic Demand-Side Management (DSM)

A preferred supplier has now been identified for the Domestic DSM and a site survey carried out at the Drygate flats owned by the Wheatley Group. The partners are continuing to work together to integrate the domestic DSM with the Siemens designed Demand Side Management Controller. The University of Strathclyde’s Energy Systems Research Unit are continuing to model the properties in the Drygate high-rise flats to help devise the best solution.

VCharge have started to install a demand side management response package for the residents in the flats and Wi-Fi has been installed throughout the 3 high-rise blocks to support the communications system. Components will be installed in individual households over the coming weeks giving the residents more control over their heating systems, with the overall aim of contributing to the alleviation of fuel poverty in the area.


News: E-cosse Urban Insight Forum: GCC presented RUGGEDISED at the E-cosse Urban Insight Forum in December 2017. The E-cosse partnership aims to promote and advance electric vehicle adoption in Scotland and the event was attended by stakeholders from across Scotland and broadcast live on YouTube. The theme of the event was ‘Charging On-Street and at Home’ and allowed for valuable networking and shared learning with other cities in the UK such as Oxford who have recently completed pioneering on-street charging trials.

News: Glasgow University – Smart Campus Development : As part of the University of Glasgow’s Smart Campus development in the West End of the city, the RUGGEDISED team were invited to give a presentation on the development of the Smart Street. This allowed for networking and exchanging ideas on smart energy systems, and shared learning on how to future proof a smart district.

Event - Glasgow Goes Green Festival 16th February 2018: The student run Glasgow Goes Green Festival is being held on the 16th February at the Glasgow School of Art. The annual event is organised by the students at the University of Glasgow as part of the national Go Green Week and will allow the RUGGEDISED team to promote the project to the students of Glasgow, businesses, artists, activists and community leaders, with the theme this year being Urban Sustainable Lifestyles. The event is expected to be lively with plenty of eating, drinking, dancing and sustainability! See link here for more details.