Umeå eNews - Feb 2018

New business models in the University District

Our innovation area, the University district, is the largest workplace and commuter point in North Sweden. A busy and vibrant area in the daytime. But with a night population of only around 5% of the day population, the evenings have a completely different atmosphere. When the new housing and student flat areas are built and inhabited - the number of inhabitants in the district will more than triple. We want this development to continue, but not at the expense of increased emissions of carbon dioxide in the area. Our smart solutions are of course very important, but it is the partnership between the actors that will ensure that it lasts over time.

It is quite amazing how fast smart technology develops. What we consider being a cutting edge solution today could almost be outdated before we even have seen the results. The smart business models can be slowly implemented and need quite some time before they show any results. But when agreed upon and executed, they will last over time. One of our business models will ensure that the district is supplied by 100% renewable energy. In the beginning of this year the partners agreed on the terms of the “Green Parking payoff”, that addresses the parking and mobility challenge in the district. Both of these solutions were designed to reward close cooperation between partners and encourage technical innovations. They could both be described as a process of executing sustainable activities together and in a integrated manner - from today to tomorrow.

Carina Aschan , RUGGEDISED project manager, City of Umeå


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Our business model for "Green Parking Payoff" is now ready to be tested


Ensure that participation is not forgotten as development progresses quickly


New Business model

We are building an attractive residential area in the University district. Would it not be great if one of the reasons for the attraction should be that people do not need to own a car to live a comfortable life here?

Green Parking Payoff is a business model that aims for to reduce the need for parking spaces and enable more sustainable transport modes and in the long-term a sustainable transport system with less traffic, better air quality and a liveable city for people. It is a cooperative business model between the city, the parking company and estate owners. It is designed to provide a win-win situation and make sure that all partners share the responsibility of the mobility challenge in the city. In RUGGEDISED it has been developed for residential areas, especially suitable for new residential neighbourhoods – like our University district.

The estate owners may be allowed up to 40% reduction of the parking norm and with that a reduced cost for parking spaces. In return they must make sure that people in the area are able to live comfortable without owning a car.

There are some basic conditions that a neighbourhood needs to meet, like a close distance to public transport and prioritized clearance of snow from the bicycle lanes, recycling facilities, close to service etc. The estate owner is encouraged to be creative and come up with their own innovations, but there will be minimum requirement for them to be part of the deal.

For example, they must provide:

  • Eco cars for car sharing in the neighbourhood
  • Secure bicycle parking and storage facilities
  • Workshop area for bicycle repairs
  • Free public transport for at least a month for all tenants
  • Fridge- and mail room for home delivery
  • They must contribute to the Mobility Management fund so that we can keep up the behavioural change over time

The future Umeå puts higher demands on land to be utilized more efficiently. By following the intentions of our comprehensive plan, where air quality and sustainable growth are important conditions, we have created a long-term sustainable parking policy. To achieve the aims of the parking strategy, different measures are used. Among several other things, “Green parking payoff” is one.