Rotterdam eNews - June 2019

Ambition in the Heart of South


Time flies. In November last year, the contracts  to make the construction of the smart grids possible were signed. And now the time has come for the first phase of the smart thermal grid. But there's more. Rotterdam Ahoy, the event complex in Hart van Zuid now supports RUGGEDISED whole heartedly. Rotterdam Ahoy is not an official contract partner, but their enthusiasm is contagious. 'Sustainable' is no longer a difficult word, but a source of inspiration. An example for this is that Rotterdam Ahoy wants to have 'the largest sunroof in Rotterdam' and are actually are doing it! Another positive development is that the construction of the Rotterdam Ahoy International Congress Center has reached its highest point. On May 9th , this was celebrated with the traditional 'pan beer'. Or a nice glass of water, of course. The new Arts building, across the street, is also progressing steadily. Finally, the Grand Assembly in Brno is coming. The moment to see each other and catch up, I am looking forward to it.

Katelien van den Berge, RUGGEDISED project manager, City of Rotterdam


Month 32 / 60


Getting Ahoy's support and enthusiasm !


Involving citizens in this technical project

Rotterdam's city interest group

As a lighthouse city, Rotterdam formed a City Interest Group as a group of Dutch cities working on similar topics. A pleasant contact has been established with not only lighthouse cities, Eindhoven, Groningen and Utrecht, but also other interested smart cities joined in. The first study visit was held in the project area of Ruggedised in the south of Rotterdam on April 18. Colleagues from the lighthouse cities, as well as representatives from Amersfoort, Delft, Dordrecht and Zwolle also joined. A lot of information on both the technical side and processes was exchanged. We can conclude that this visit met mutual expectations and we look forward to the next visit to learn from renovating social housing blocks, in Eindhoven in June.

Local citizen involvement

For a city that has opted for highly technical 'smart solutions', it is difficult to involve local residents from the area of the developments. But such an opportunity happened on April 16. During an information evening about the traffic situation in Hart van Zuid, we were able to talk to around 80 neighbours, for the first time. Our message to them was that 'the heart of South' was becoming a more pleasant place to live and sharing how our Ruggedised project contributes to that.