Glasgow eNews - June 2019

A crucial project for the city


In the last week, our minds have been refocused on our overall ambitions for the city, with a state of Climate Emergency being declared on the 16th May. Earlier in the same week, Glasgow also declared its goal to become the first ‘net zero’ city in the UK. These developments mean that the RUGGEDISED project is more crucial than ever in our aim to become a low carbon, sustainable city, with increased roll out in electric vehicle charging points and the Duke Street car park EV charging hub vital to the development and testing of new low carbon infrastructure. Our working partnership has never been more important to our city, and we hope that the latest developments will see dramatic changes for Glasgow, and a healthier future for all of our citizens.

Gavin Slater, RUGGEDISED project manager, Glasgow City Council

PROJECT TIMING: Month 32 / 60


Installation of the new Intelligent Street Lighting in the project district ahead of schedule.


Procurement delays leading to extremely tight deadlines for our solar canopy and battery installation at Duke Street car park.


With contractors Campbell and Kennedy now appointed for the solar PV canopy and battery installation, work is underway to ensure the structural loading, planning application, building warrants and road closures are all in place to ensure a smooth build phase of the development. Discussions are also being held with project partners Siemens to ensure that the system installed by Campbell and Kennedy integrates with the Siemens grid interface controller. This will allow for various use cases to be tested to ensure that the power is utilised in the most efficient manner, with the aim of consuming the majority of the power generated on site. Over 300 intelligent street lights have been installed in to the Smart Street and surrounding district. The intelligent street lights are equipped with the wireless communications network that will allow sensors to transfer data around the city.



The Sonnen community battery is due to be installed at the Drygate flats by August, working with project partners Transport Scotland, GHA are also installing an electric vehicle charge point at the flats, in order to set up an EV car club for the residents there. Discussions are underway with our partners, Scottish Power Energy Networks, looking at how we can sleeve power stored in one battery to another across the distribution network whilst realising a saving to consumers.



The data based decision platform has developed considerably in the last 6 months and is very close to completion. The platform uses both internal and external data sets and creates visualisations using raw data and geo-spatial information. One of the biggest challenges has been that the raw data is not sufficiently ‘tagged’ to allow cross referencing of datasets, therefore a lot of work has been done to allow the data to be used by the platform. The platform is due to be delivered by October 2019, and will form a vital part in the decision making process for the council and our project partners in the future.



Scottish Power Win Awards

Huge congratulations to our project partners Scottish Power Energy Networks, who not only won the Smart Cities award at the recent Network Awards in Birmingham, but also the prestigious Best Network award! Find out more about their recent success and their involvement in the RUGGEDISED project at: