Glasgow eNews - Nov. 2019

Successes and challenges

Over the last few months we have made significant progress with the majority of our work including the development of a new, in-house purpose built, Data Based Decision Platform which we are very proud of. We have also experienced some issues outside of the control of the project management team, which we are working to ameliorate as a matter of priority.

Gavin Slater, RUGGEDISED project manager, Glasgow City Council

Smart electricity grid and e-mobility

Since the last update the project has experienced some serious issues in Glasgow.  The contractor appointed to install the solar PV canopy and battery storage are unfortunately no longer able to continue working on the delivery of the infrastructure, leaving this aspect of the project uncertain.  With the support from the wider consortium both in Glasgow and our partners across Europe, we are working hard to resolve to this issue and progress the works.


Energy management and ICT

Solution n°G7 Data Based Decision Platform

The Data Based Decision Platform (DBDP) is now at the completion stages and ready to be reviewed by our project partners and the European Commission.  We are delighted with how the platform has been developed, with the system having the capacity to use various open data sets and display them on bespoke dashboards that are unique to each user.

Early on in the process, we decided to build the platform in-house on the council’s existing IT infrastructure (Microsoft Azure). This decision allowed the DBDP to be designed according to the specification set out by the project team and also negate any legacy costs incurred over time as the platform is owned exclusively by Glasgow City Council (GCC).

Research was undertaken to ensure that a tool was not developed that already existed on the market. There were found to be some tools that had elements of the functionality required, but none which had all of the elements or were able to be deployed easily within the GCC corporate IT environment. Furthermore, to ensure the solution developed has a legacy within the council, the tool had to align with the existing GIS product suite and data environment. Experience from an earlier project showed that any significant legacy requirement to support software solutions is likely to result in the software not be used once the project is finished, therefore solutions of this nature were avoided.

Multiple use cases

The DBDP has been created with various levels of permissions, depending on whether or not the user is a member of the public, a GCC employee or a GCC employee that has access to ArcGIS. This controls access to the data sets available, as members of the public will not have full permissions to access all of the data due to the privacy implications.

The platform has the capacity to allow for decisions to be made on projects such as the roll out of further electric vehicle charging points.

Working with our project partners Transport Scotland, the platform is able to display the location of electric vehicle charging points both in the project’s Smart Street and across the city and how often they are in use. It is hoped that this will then allow further rollout of chargers to be done at a strategy level and will allow infrastructure to be deployed where there is highest demand.

The data from the project district is communicated and brought into the platform using the Intelligent Street Lighting communications network.

Data from the other RUGGEDISED Lighthouse and Fellow cities can also be displayed on the DBDP so datasets can be compared across cities.

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Month 36 / 60


The creation of a unique data based decision platform that allows users to display and analyse various data sets at once, thus allowing informed decision making at policy and strategic level.


Appointed contractor experiencing issues and no longer being able to deliver some elements of the infrastructure required to create the electric vehicle charging hub.

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