Umeå eNews - October 2020

Implementation "far from everything"

These days I really have sympathy with my fellow colleagues in other parts of Europe. In Umeå we sometimes complain that “we are so far away from everything”, but this year we should be very happy that we actually are. As it took much longer before the Corona situation reached us, we had time to prepare and prevent. And in fact, in our region, we have been much less affected than most others even within the country. We were able to continue with the implementation of our Smart solutions as if everything was normal. Now we are in the monitoring phase and planning for the next developments of our innovation area and are looking ahead.

Corona is of course high on the agenda for us as well. I have even started to make a small note (just to myself) on how many meetings or discussions that we have, that does not mention or refer to the pandemic situation and how to prevent or ease the effects. My conclusion so far, is that of course there are meetings when we do not talk about it at all, but there has not yet been one single day so far without us talking about Covid-19 in one way or the other. At the same time, weeks can pass by without us discussing, or even mentioning how to stop or prevent climate change…


Carina Aschan, Coordinator for RUGGEDISED in Umeå

Month 48 / 60


All our Smart Solutions have been implemented.


Engaging workshops and public participation without physical meetings

Did you know?

The RUGGEDISED bus station in Umeå has been nominated for a prestigious design-prize

So much going on!

The results of Umeå’s efforts keep pouring in. A few examples are shared below from Jörgen Carlsson, head of RUGGGEDISED actions at Umeå Energi AB.

Renewables to Universitetsstaden and optimization of the geothermal storage

We have concluded the implementation of the Business Model Innovations with a Letter of Understanding for the findings and suggested steps of implementation. The results are promising enough, so we now work on designing the software Proof of Concept along with setting up the components of the prizing model in the market place. We are also looking into the hardware set-up prerequisites of said marketplace. We are likely to conclude these specific steps in late 2020-early 21.

Peak load shavings

In this solution (U2A) we use the buildings construction as accumulators for heat, and are thereby able to smooth out the peak loads. We have now competed the test phase of this action and made some astonishing findings:

  • HEAT: In the testbeds we were able to cut (heating) energy use by up to almost 8 percent, and peak loads by more than 20 percent! This means we were able to prove a reduced climate impact (lowered CO2-emissions) by almost a 1000 kgs during the test period of roughly 200 hrs.
  • POWER: Another interesting find in this U2-solution is the service we have developed together with our partners of RUGGEDISED in developing a tool for power grid quality measuring and analyses. The tests have been quite successful and are now further developed to become a part of the Umeå Energi product portfolio.


This solution (U4A) is about raising tenant awareness of their climate impact by energy use, and by lustful nudging promote behavioural changes in the preferable direction; lowered climate impact. Unfortunately this action has been marred with delays due to various reasons. The action is however on track again now, and we will test the solution together with our partner - a Condominium association of HSB - during the coming heating season. 

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