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With the publication of the RUGGEDISED Lighthouse Implementation reports, the update from the cities has been deepened and the blogs ended.
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Dive into the smart cities ! Learn about the ongoing implementation of smart solutions in the three demonstration districts in Glasgow, Rotterdam and Umeå. Every four months, the site managers will share their news, questions and challenges in the eNews.

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Rotterdam eNews - November 2020

Moving ahead in a new world

Dear all, It has been six months since I wrote my previous blog. In March COVID-19 ensured the country, like much of the world, came to a grinding halt. Since then, time has passed by and at the same time it can feel like someone has put the movie on hold. In Rotterdam we’ve been influenced too and have devoted resources to design ...


Rotterdam eNews - April 2020

Coronavirus and its short-term consequences

Our world has been completely turned upside down since we started the year. Until recently, our attention was, when not focused on the practical implementation and monitoring of the RUGGEDISED solutions, on the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, which was to take p ...


Rotterdam eNews - Nov. 2019

Connecting the grid

Summer is over, winter is almost here. A good moment to reflect on the harvest of the past months. RUGGEDISED is not a simple project, so good results do not necessarily come easy. On the other hand, when we do achieve good results, we are extra proud and pleased to be able to share some good news in this blog. Among the good news to share is the fact ...


Rotterdam eNews - June 2019

Ambition in the Heart of South

Time flies. In November last year, the contracts  to make the construction of the smart grids possible were signed. And now the time has come for the first phase of the smart thermal grid. But there's more. Rotterdam Ahoy, the event complex in Hart van Zuid now supports RUGGEDISED whole heartedly. Rotterdam Ahoy is not an official contract partne ...


Rotterdam eNews - Feb. 2019

New beginnings

From November onwards, I have the honour of coordinating the RUGGEDISED projects within the city of Rotterdam. I just moved from Stavanger, Norway, where I was working within the Triangulum project for the municipality as well. I am an Architect by education and have always worked in the field of sustainability. The RUGGEDISED project look promising and I am very much ...


Rotterdam eNews - Oct. 2018

Joining forces to look ahead

Holidays are over, so with new energy we continue our implementation of the smart solutions of RUGGEDISED. In the last half year in Rotterdam there were some serious negotiations with the future building owners about the benefits for them to join the smart thermal grid. Finally, AHOY and the future cinem ...


Rotterdam eNews - June 2018

Solutions designed to grow

RUGGEDISED has been going on for 18 months and a first project report was the occasion to review what has been going on in Rotterdam, and it's a lot ! When drawing up the initial RUGGEDISED proposal, the idea of the Rotterdam partners was that the building company of Heart of South would be the best possi ...


Rotterdam eNews - Feb. 2018

Grids, Waste and Lighting : Moving forward in the Heart of South

What digital innovation means for the future of cities goes beyond imagination. We have to keep our organizations, inhabitants and entrepreneurs connected to the dynamic and innovative projects that we work on with our Ruggedised team by making them clear and easy to u ...


Rotterdam eNews - Oct. 2017

Visualizing the future

Almost one year of hard work is behind us. After the strong enthusiasm of the beginning we realised that our plans were more challenging than expected. Although we are speaking of proven technologies, the interaction between them and the search for good business cases was a hard job. Serious barriers on the smart t ...


Rotterdam eNews - June 2017

Looking at the new Heart of South

Rotterdam, as RUGGEDISED project coordinator, wants to be a city that contributes to a sustainable world. While developing the Heart of South district we will implement 13 smart solutions on sustainable energy, ICT, data and e-mobility. The cooperation between the partners is very important and sometimes ...