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June 2019
Brno Exhibition Centre
5 - 6 June 2019

Our Fellow city of Brno is organising for the second year running, the URBIS smart city fair. This year the conference and fair will focus on the 5 key topics:

  • SMART NEIGHBOURHOODS: The reuse of neglected parts of the city and their transformation into a functional community with a balance: d use of technology.
  • DIGITAL CITY: Cutting-edge opportunities of digital technology and their benefits for more cost-effective and timely municipal administration.
  • MUNICIPAL ENERGY POLICY: An energy-efficient, resilient and independent city. Challenges and experience of towns will be discussed with scientific experts and with support from the European Parliament.
  • SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORT: Digital passenger handling, using big data in transport, latest hardware and software tools for digitally planning regional transport.
  • WATER: Effective handling of drinking water, economics of handling rainwater, waste water treatment and their energy evaluation, monitoring purity and water consumption, and the key prerequisites for retaining water in the landscape.