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September 2021
Recharge Earth
Together towards a new energy system
8 - 9 September 2021, 10:00 - 17:00
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Rotterdam Ahoy

Recharge Earth is the platform for professionals who play a role in the energy transition. It is the place for professionals who want to start valuable collaborations, broaden and strengthen their network, gain and share knowledge and want to be inspired.

The energy transition involves complex issues that cannot be solved individually. That is why Recharge Earth connects - both offline and online - relevant parties in the field of the energy transition: governments, companies, knowledge centers, financiers, start-ups and scale-ups. So that cooperation is further initiated between those different thinkers and doers.

The ultimate goal is to take coordinated action and shape the energy system of the future. Learn more about the event, taking place in the RUGGEDISED implementation area at the venue Rotterdam Ahoy, here: https://www.recharge-earth.com/


Rotterdam Ahoy