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January 2021
Webinar: Using data in cities for the green transition
Urban Data Platforms in support of the green deal
29 January 2021, 10:00 - 11:30


The European Green Deal and the recovery efforts following the COVID-19 pandemic have added impetus to the work already started in cities around the world that are pushing for more sustainable urban areas. One approach to delivering on sustainability goals that cities are beginning to utilise is urban data platforms that allow cities to understand and adapt their urban systems relating to energy, mobility, environmental efforts and more.

ICLEI Europe is hosting this webinar alongside Erasmus University Rotterdam. Throughout the 1.5 hours on January 29, 10-11:30 CET,  the key lessons from a detailed study on urban data platforms across Europe will be presented and four best-cases from the cities of Rotterdam, London, Umeå and Hamburg will be presented. 

Register hereFind the study here. 


  • Welcome, Alis-Daniela Torres (ICLEI Europe)
  • Governance, Business Models and the road to maturity for Urban Data Platforms, Dr Marcel van Oosterhout (Erasmus University)
  • Citizen-focused data, Maria Söderlind (City of Umeå)
  • Approaches to creating trust for the Digital City, Roland van der Heijden (Municipality of Rotterdam)
  • How to use platform data to create innovation?, Jens Bley (Hafen City University)
  • Panel debate with audience questions
May 2021
Urban Innovation Platforms
Webinar on sustainable innovation through structured partnerships
12 May 2021, 10:30 - 12:00
Online, Germany

An Urban Innovation Platform is a method for cities to enhance collaboration internally (between departments) and externally to effectively address challenges related to urban sustainability requiring a high level of innovation. This is especially important when building smarter and more sustainable cities dependent on interconnectivity between different systems and actors, including citizens.

An ‘Urban Innovation Platform’ can take many forms but strive for broad synergies between actors in urban development as well as formalised cooperation between stakeholders engaged in research and development. Actors involved can include public organisations, private companies, universities, non-profit organisations and their users, clients, and citizens in general.

Innovation is happening everywhere and cities have the potential to harness it. Smart cities looking for the adoption of smart and digital solutions are the perfect test-bed to make this innovation happen. In this Webinar, RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden and ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability - Europe will present how cities can create an arena that bridges and holds together relevant actors to build solutions to improve local sustainability.

Case stories will be presented by the City of Glasgow, the City of Zaragoza and the City of Umeå.

You can register here.

If you want to learn more about Innovation Platforms you can read the RUGGEDISED report "Innovation Platforms – why, how and by whom?"

June 2021
2 - 4 June 2021, 10:00 - 17:00
Online / Central European Exhibition Centre

URBIS SMART CITY FAIR brings a smart combination of a trade fair and an exclusive conference programme, where leaders in the field of Smart City will be introduced. In the course of two days dozens of representatives of Central European cities and municipalities and leaders in innovations will meet with one goal – to share experience, ideas and examples of specific solutions, how to correctly develop a Smart City concept in cities. So that all citizens could live better in them.

The URBIS SMART CITY FAIR will include a presentation of the results of the C-Roads project, the aim of which was to develop technology enabling in-service vehicles to communicate with each other and with the transport infrastructure.

The URBIS SMART CITY FAIR 2021 will take place on-line and you can register here.

Topics of the 2020 edition:

  • Mobility What is in store for us in the field of autonomous transport, cooperative intelligent transport systems, increasing the safety and easy flow of transport
  • Urbis Environment Habitable public areas in times of climate change
  • Urbis Digitalization Electronic services and digital support of local governments, lessons learned from the pandemic
  • Urbis Management How to restart the local economy and be leaders in innovation

Connect with Climate Change: Sharing ideas, inspiring actions -
‘Raising ambition: A tale of two regions',
29 June 2021, 14:00 - 15:15


Scottish Power, together with the University of Glasgow and the University of Strathclyde, are hosting Connect with Climate Change Events, a virtual exchange series that is taking place throughout 2021 in the run-up to COP26.  

The Connect with Climate Change series aims to offer a platform to engage with academics, students, the public and businesses sharing ideas and views on a range of climate change topics. In advance of COP26 coming to Glasgow, these events will focus on “real-time” discussions around the different climate issues.

The organisations want to provide a forum where, through open dialogue, convention can be questioned and act as a catalyst for positive sustainable change.  

Gavin Slater - Head of Sustainability, Glasgow City Council, and Chief Responsible Officer for the Glasgow component of the RUGGEDISED project - is one of the speakers.

September 2021
Recharge Earth
Together towards a new energy system
8 - 9 September 2021, 10:00 - 17:00
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Rotterdam Ahoy

Recharge Earth is the platform for professionals who play a role in the energy transition. It is the place for professionals who want to start valuable collaborations, broaden and strengthen their network, gain and share knowledge and want to be inspired.

The energy transition involves complex issues that cannot be solved individually. That is why Recharge Earth connects - both offline and online - relevant parties in the field of the energy transition: governments, companies, knowledge centers, financiers, start-ups and scale-ups. So that cooperation is further initiated between those different thinkers and doers.

The ultimate goal is to take coordinated action and shape the energy system of the future. Learn more about the event, taking place in the RUGGEDISED implementation area at the venue Rotterdam Ahoy, here: https://www.recharge-earth.com/


Rotterdam Ahoy

October 2021
Positive Energy Districts as Innovation Ecosystems for climate-neutrality
Customized Connections - Competence - Capital
12 October 2021, 16:30 - 18:00


Accelerating energy solutions to achieve climate-neutral cities is not a copy and paste exercise, but a process of connecting stakeholders, competence and capital to create unique innovation ecosystems.

In this Participatory Lab "Positive Energy Districts as Innovation Ecosystems: Connections - Competence - Capital", four cities from across Europe share with you how they are implementing the European Commission's Mission on Climate-neutral cities. Learn what works, what challenges they face and what impact they are achieving.

Inspired by 18 smart city ‘Lighthouse’ projects, the RUGGEDISED Fellow city of Parma (Italy) and the cities of Bydgoszcz (Poland), Lviv (Ukraine) and Vaasa (Finland) are customising integrated energy solutions to their local needs and contexts. They will share what it takes to create a robust innovation ecosystem for the future of Europe.

This session is organised by a replication task group working for 18 Smart Cities and Communities Lighthouse projects (H2020-SCC01), encompassing 122 cities in Europe.

Digital for the People - it's more than just tech
13 October 2021, 11:30 - 13:00


Curious about what digital transition means for cities and their citizens? Then join this interactive session to explore how cities can enable it for their development and COVID-19 recovery. Hear from cities what digital transition is all about and what it looks like in practice. Whether you are a cutting-edge smart city or just starting your digital journey, you can still learn what’s needed to enhance or start digital transition at city level, and how this works in different contexts and policy areas.

ModeratorIan Graham – URBACT Expert


  • City Leadership and Digital Transition, Mirja Vehkaperä – Chair of Oulu City Board
  • Urban Data in European Cities (based on a RUGGEDISED study), Marcel van Oosterhout – Associate Executive Director at Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics 
  • TechPlace – the community for digital transition in cities, Alisa Vlasic – TechPlace Lead
  • Digital Transition in Practice – Project examples from MAtchUP, Ernesto Faubel/Gema Roig EU – Smart City projects coordinator, City of València, MAtchUP coordinator

20 October 2021, 16:00 - 17:00
Hybrid: online & in Aachen (DE)
Das Liebig Exhibition Hall

RUGGEDISED is joining the CIVITAS Forum with a presentation by Pieter van den Berg (Erasmus University) on the optimisation of Electric Charging schedules for e-buses. The session will take place on October 20 at 16.00 CEST and you can sign up to join online. Pieter will present live from Aachen (Germany).

The city is the host of the 18th CIVITAS Forum, which gathers the keenest mobility minds from across Europe and beyond to discuss the most pressing topics in the field of sustainable urban mobility. This year's event is taking a hybrid (online and in person) format. Click here to register now.

Since 2003, the CIVITAS Forum Conferences have brought together sustainable urban mobility representatives and leading cities – including both their politicians and technical experts. The events include larger plenary and smaller technical and roundtable sessions, as well as site visits that offer the opportunity for real transfer of expertise.

A short politicians' forum also takes place during the conference. ICLEI Members have historically been well represented among the participants and contributors, which serves as an important occasion to exchange views on sustainable urban mobility policy issues.

This year's CIVITAS Forum will combine online and onsite activities, which continue the tradition of offering interactive workshops, sessions, and site visits, whilst introducing new programme elements. A draft programme can be seen here.

This year's event will specifically zoom in on the theme of "Smart routes to climate-neutral cities". This builds on the European Commission’s Mission to create 100 climate-neutral cities by 2030. The event will explore the role of mobility and transport in meeting this goal, as well as the relationship between smart mobility and climate-neutral mobility, and what local authorities need – from the private sector, the European Commission, and each other – to create smart and climate-neutral cities.

Attendees can expect to hear about innovative sustainable mobility solutions from forward-thinking cities, people and projects – including a number of ICLEI Members and experts – as well as to exchange and connect with city representatives, policymakers, practitioners, planners, NGOs, and academics.

The Forum is free to attend and perfect for people passionate about mobility, innovation and sustainability. Follow all Forum developments on social media with the hashtag #CIVITAS2021.

For more information on the event and its host city of Aachen, click here

Register at: https://webapp.spotme.com/welcome/civitasforum2021.