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Learning from the successful smart cities – SCC replication workshop

INEA event

26 January 2018

On 26 January 2018 representatives of 40 cities sat around the table at the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) with industry representatives and experts to ensure that the €263.84 million invested by the Commission through the Horizon2020 Smart Cities and Communities programme generates returns.

The event included a general presentation of the activities of INEA and its participation and contribution to the H2020 programme, especially in the field of energy, transport and ICT.

For RUGGEDISED it was a good opportunity to network and strengthen cooperation with other similar projects; the project's "Fellow" cities could share their barriers to replicate and implement smart solutions as well as learn from the experiences and best practices of other cities. ISINNOVA, who are leading the replication in the RUGGEDISED project, was present alongside our "Fellow cities" of Gdansk, Parma and Brno.

Marco Mordacci from Parma commented: "It is always welcome and useful to discuss with other cities how they are handling the same issues we are working on. It really helps fellow cities to grow and improve knowledge and awareness. We learnt how to set up an open data platform and about the energy refurbishment of residential buildings. We are even more conscious that there some issues that are easy to replicate in every country and others that are extremely linked to the national context. I think it would be useful to go even more into detail, in order to give a full understanding of the procedures and about technical, legal and financial issues of every action."