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New open data platform in Brno

21 March 2018

Brno launched an online platform for open data at, one of the first cities in the Czech Republic to do so. This platform is designed to be used by the public and will also help students and professionals. Besides data-sets, people can find useful apps as well as articles about data, the platform and other helpful tips. The interactive apps that uses the data from city are the most popular tools on the website. People can see for example a map of car accidents in the city or they can compare orthophotos of the city taken at different points in time.

The Deputy Mayor for Smart City Agenda, Jaroslav Kacer, says: "Data is our “new urban wealth„ and we need to use it to its full capacity."

Data published at are collected from the city itself, city organizations and other providers. The development of the website is an endless process and it will continually change depending on new data-sets and technologies. The platform is very useful for academic sphere who can use the data in analysis, thesis or other academic research work. Data journalists and developers will appreciate an easy access to data sets as well.

Users can also choose from plenty of apps about the city such as maps of properties, quality of life or density of transport in the city of Brno. The process of creation of this platform was a long and difficult task. The legislation and sometimes lack of political backing hindered the progress but in the end the city successfully opened up for the public.

Open data website is a first step to replicate the Open-data decision platform created by Glasgow. Brno is planning to use the data in the process of decision making and base the city planning on facts.