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EIP's Smart City Guidance Package tested in Brno

30 January 2019

On 30 January, the City of Brno served as a testbed for the Smart City Guidance Package, which was developed by the Action Cluster Integrated Planning, Policy and Regulations in the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities.

The Smart City Guidance Package for Integrated Planning and Management of Smart City projects seeks to provide the necessary support for planning and managing smart city projects by providing examples of good solutions and best practices, pitfalls that can be expected and how to overcome these, e.g. where to find information about financial possibilities and how to engage stakeholders. Interviews with cities and smart city project managers have provided this material. In a couple of steps, cities can use this self-help guide to develop an integrated roadmap in a coherent way going from Vision to Decision, Plan, Do, Check, Act and Replication. Each stage contains checklists of to do’s and examples of activities for Brno for these stages.   

Together with the members of Brno City Ecosystem a lot of topics were discussed. For instance: What are the steps we can expect when we want to implement the prospective smart city solutions Brno desires in future? Who should be involved in which role? What do we need to do as a city and what with our stakeholders?  How can we overcome barriers such as silo’s? The first part of the workshop focused on concretization of Brno City’s vision and strategy #brno2050 with smart approaches and solutions. The second part focused on to do’s for the stages Plan-Do-Check-Act-Replicate, having the future smart district Špitálka in mind as a showcase for other developing districts in Brno.

The methodology of the Smart City Guidance Package worked well to connect the dots of Sustainable Energy Action Plan, Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, #Brno2050 and RUGGEDISED project, although ideally this process takes more time than a one day workshop!