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Parma Smart City 2030: from scenarios to the roadmap

9 November 2018

On 9 November 2018 at the University Campus of Parma, the 3rd Workshop of the Parma Futuro Smart - RUGGEDISED European project was held entitled "Parma Smart City 2030: from scenarios to the Roadmap". The event was organized by the Municipality of Parma with the support of Infomobility and the companies Isinnova and Focus Lab and saw the participation of 40 key stakeholders from the area : institutions, members of the University of Parma and members of private companies, cultural groups and associations. "Smart City means above all Smart Community - explains the environmental sustainability policies assessor Tiziana Benassi - from the start of the project, which involves a participatory process with the cooperation of local stakeholders, more and more realities have come on board, including the associations, cultural and tourism worlds. The network is becoming more and more consolidated with the sole objective of creating a sustainable vision of Parma’s future, which has deep roots in tradition and that can look to the world of innovation with other modern European cities.”

After a short plenary session, the participants were divided into four thematic tables (smart economy-innovation, smart society-people, smart energy and grid-infrastructure-environment, smart transport-mobility) and with the help of a facilitator, starting from the scenarios already elaborated in the previous meetings, they have built together an action plan, which will become a shared protocol, signed by all the participants, on the common vision for Parma Smart City and an Action and Investment Plan for 2030. The aim of the day was to concentrate all the energies of the territory and to bring it, through dialogue and comparison, to the definition of concrete proposals to achieve the goal of an increasingly intelligent city, therefore simpler, more efficient, attractive, inclusive, sustainable and focused on people's needs.