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City learning - Brno's Study visit to Glasgow

26 November 2018

In the context of the RUGGEDISED project, our "fellow" city of Brno travelled to our "Lighthouse" city of Glasgow on a study visit. Focusing on GIS applications and data based decision platforms, the delegation from Brno gained valuable insights from their counterparts working in the city council of Glasgow.

The representatives from Brno were very happy with the visit, commenting: „We have gained useful insights and understand now more how to work with the sensor data. On the other hand we were pleased that our level of GIS infrastructure is very similar. We are looking forward to further cooperation with Glasgow City Council“

Among the key findings that they highlighted were:

First – the city should not get to a vendor lock-in situation as this puts the city to very uncomfortable and disadvantageous position. Secondly – the sensor data collection infrastructure should be as simple as possible as it is already a difficult process to manage.

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