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Rotterdam takes part in the transformative action award

1 August 2018

Our Lighthouse city of Rotterdam is not only working on smart digital solutions. The municipality recently submitted another initiative for the Transformative action awards: Integrated customer-centric sustainable transport service for the eldery and disabled.

The Transformative Action Award rewards current or concluded Transformative Actions that use the pathways of the Basque Declaration related to socio-cultural transformation,socio-economic transformation or technological transformation.

Rotterdam's submitted action aims at establishing a modified transport service for the elderly and physically disabled citizens of Rotterdam in a way that allows us to use a safe, reliable and pleasant transport service that supports the reason of the transport against a fair price for (SME) transport organisations. Every year, there are 30.000 unique clients with a combined travel distance of €6 mln. kilometres. This tender is worth €31 million and revolves around the client. The sustainability of the transport service is improved through the use of electric transport. The project also seeks to tackle social isolation, as clients from various backgrounds can use the service. The contract was awarded to a partnership consisting of 3 local transport companies in collaboration with some 10 partners who will implement the various contract components in harmony. The partners are highly diverse, from HR consultancies to experts in measuring customer satisfaction in mobility, and from app specialists to experts in the wellbeing and healthcare market (cf. annex 2). Virtually all parties in Trevvel are (local) SME businesses, which means we managed to make the contract accessible for smaller-sized companies.

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