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RUGGEDISED case study in the EV in Scotland report

18 December 2018

Scotland is on a journey to accelerate thewidespread adoption of electric vehicles. In September 2017, Scotland’s First Ministerset the ambition to phase out the need fornew petrol and diesel cars by 2032. This report reviews the benefits that electric vehicles (EVs) are bringing to Scotland,the developments that are helping to achieve the2032 targets and the potential forfurther change. The review includes the findings ofScotland’s first EV Drivers Survey, withthe 184 respondents driving a collective totalof 1.5 million electric miles a year.

It also includes the RUGGEDISED project in Glasgow as a case study, looking at the following solutions:

1. Surplus power storage in an EV charging hub, including: installation of a 200kW solar PV canopy,500kW battery storage and a hub of rapid chargers at Glasgow’s Duke Street multi-storey car park.2. Innovative connection to renewables and storage including: a physical, direct connection, an innovative,virtual connection between the renewables produced at Glasgow’s Duke Street Multi-storey EV hub, willexplore the use of netting-off generation against consumption in assets owned by Glasgow City Council.3. Intelligent LED street lighting with integrated EV charging functionality, including: street lightingwith integrated EV charging points to reduce the street furniture, increase public space and provide anopportunity to evaluate EV batteries as demand-side management assets.

Read the full report here.