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Smart bus station inaguarated in Umeå

3 October 2019

A new RUGGEDISED solution, an experimental bus station designed for arctic conditions, has opened in Umeå to coincide with the EU’s Arctic Forum. The bus station is christened the “Station of being” – a place where travelers can “just be”, aimed at transforming a cold and boring wait into an unexpected, pleasant break. The “Station of being” is designed by the RUGGEDISED partner RISE (Sweden) and Rombout Frieling Lab (The Netherlands).

“Bus stop Universum, which is part of the EU project Ruggedised, gives Umeå an opportunity to participate in an international development project where different parties contribute with the skills and resources to test brand new solutions. Now we hope that the bus stop will help more people take the bus instead of a car, but also that smart solutions and new sustainable materials will turn tedious waiting times into quality time, says Janet Ågren, 2nd Deputy Chairman of Umeå's  Municipal Board, in a press release from the RUGGEDISED lighthouse City of Umeå.

Read the full press release from the city of Umeå:

Read the full press release from RISE Sweden: