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Rotterdam takes part in the ‘Humble Lamppost’ scale up

29 June 2018

All over Europe and beyond, cities are looking at ways to make the urban infrastructure smarter and more interconnected, to optimize resources and improve the quality of life of citizens.

Light is a fundamental service in a city. It ensures safe transport, makes cities safer, and ensures that cities look their best. However, there is so much more that can be done to augment lampposts so that they can deliver a broader range of services for cities and their citizens.

A group of European city leaders are making a commitment to work together rather then in parallel on this topic. Representatives from city-clusters across Europe (Greater London, Metropole Rotterdam Den Haag (MRDH), Bordeaux Metropole and broader Aquitaine, Piedmont region and soon also a Spanish city-cluster) signed a declaration to align their ‘humble lamppost’ project activities.

The collaboration seeks to install more-common component-based solutions at scale, both within each cluster and, through a coordinated approach, across the group of city clusters. This will have a marked positive impact on the market. It will deliver the scale and consistency of needs that attracts the supply market, and the scale that delivers better value solutions at more affordable prices for the cities and their citizens. A clear win all around.

In RUGGEDISED our Lighthouse city of Rotterdam is looking at smart lamposts in its solution R11 - Efficient and intelligent street lighting.

Find more information on the "Humble lamppost" initiative on the EIP website.