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EIP's Smart City Guidance Package tested in Parma

8 February 2019

After a workshop in RUGGEDISE's other fellow city of Brno, it was this this Parma that welcomed on 8 February 2019 the opportunity to collaborate with the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC) to test the guidelines to be published in May 2019 and which will be used by all European cities committed to develop their own smart city strategy.

The representatives of the integrated planning group of EIP, Simona Costa and Judith Borsboom Van Beurden, met the Councilor for environmental sustainability policies of the Municipality of Parma Tiziana Benassi, together with the local coordinator of the Ruggedised project Enzo Bertolotti and the project managers Marco Mordacci and Cristina Pellegrini as well as the technicians of the various sectors of the Municipal Administration and the group of local stakeholders who are part of the Parma Futuro Smart co-designing group.

The 25 participants, divided into two groups moderated by EIP referents, tested the 7 steps of the process, analyzing all aspects related to the construction of the smart city vision, the timely design of the measures, the involvement of the most relevant actors, the obtaining of the necessary resources, up to the evaluation of the results. The results of the work of the two groups has therefore been consolidated by an evaluation process: the methodology developed within the Smart Cities driving package has proven to be an effective tool to innovate in the city and to get in touch with the citizens and has confirmed that the process of drawing up the strategy that Parma Futuro Smart is carrying out is going in the right direction.