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Energy Commissioner Mr. Maroš Šefčovič visits Smart City Umeå

30 March 2017

Vice-President of the Energy Union, Maroš Šefčovič visited the city of Umeå (Sweden) on 31 March. The Region Västerbotten and the city of Umeå hosted the visit, which focused on smart energy solutions and Europe’s potential for moving away from fossil fuels.

The Vice-President kicked off the discussion with some explanations about the added value of a European approach to energy: "In order to meet our energy demands, be globally competitive, but at the same time take care of our climate and environment, we need a European approach" – he said.

Carina Aschan, RUGGEDISED project manager for the city, presented Umeå's role as lighthouse city. Smart city thinking is at the core of the City of Umeå’s overall vision of continued social, economic and environmental sustainable growth.

RUGGEDISED will facilitate a unified ‘smart district’, which is underpinned by planned regeneration and new developments, smart city capabilities and committed public and private sector investments. The ‘smartdistrict’ situated immediately to the east of Umeå city centre in the University city area, including a mix of residential, academic and research facilities from two universities, a regional hospital, and community, recreational and commercial buildings.

Find out more with Elin Pietroni, Head of comprehensive planning of the city of Umeå.