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Parma wins European prize for Climate Neutrality

26 October 2021

RUGGEDISED’s Fellow City Parma has won the first ever “Climate-Neutral” award from the European Mobility Initiative CIVITAS. The award was presented by Matthew Baldwin, Manager of the EU’s mission to reach 100 Climate Neutral Cities by 2030. Parma was selected as the winner because of its Low Emission Zone.

Reflecting on the win, Tiziana Benassi, Deputy Mayor for Environmental Sustainability from the City of Parma expressed:

“Our ambition, shared amongst the public and private organisations that are partners of the Parma Carbon Neutrality Alliance, is to reach carbon neutrality by 2030: a very ambitious yet achievable goal if we all believe change is possible and we work every day to fight climate change. We want to promote a new mobility culture, centred on our citizens’ needs, while being more sustainable and environmentally-friendly. Limiting access for the most polluting cars with the introduction of a Low Emission Zone across the entire urban area is our first step in the systemic transformation to make Parma a green and carbon-neutral city. The Green area, whose heart is the historical city centre (Blue area), will contribute to a higher quality of life for everyone visiting, working and living in Parma.”

The award ceremony took place in Aachen (Germany) during the CIVITAS Forum, one of the leading conferences dedicated to mobility and sustainable development at the European level . Among the strong points of Parma's candidacy was the ‘Carbon Neutrality Parma’ Territorial Alliance between the Emilia Romagna Region, the Province of Parma, the Municipality of Parma, Parma University and other local stakeholders.