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Second workshop of PARMA FUTURO SMART

6 April 2018

The second workshop of PARMA FUTURO SMART was held on April 6, 2018 at the Officine ON / OFF (co-working spaces in Parma). This session was dedicated to a cross-sectoral comparison for the definition of thematic scenarios to work towards a Smart City.

The Workshop entitled "Scenarios for PARMA FUTURO SMART at 2030 - Through the multi-stakeholder comparison for the co-definition of Scenarios for Parma Smart City-" was organized by the Municipality of Parma and Infomobility, with the support of Isinnova and Focus Lab. The event, in continuity with the Kick-Off Meeting of 30 November 2017, is part of the RUGGEDISED project. The meeting was attended by important local actors from different backgrounds: representatives of the Municipality, members of the University of Parma, companies, public and private bodies and members of high schools.

The aim of the Workshop was to define different scenarios for Smart Parma in 2030, through a participatory process at a local level, starting from global trends. A work phase was dedicated to cross-sectoral comparison in 4 thematic tables, same as the kick-off event: Energy-Environment & Smart Grid-Infrastructure, Transport & Mobility, Society & People, Economy & Innovation.This meeting was an important step towards a vision of the future of Parma, from a smart point of view, which does not only mean "innovation, resilience and technology," explains Assessor Tiziana Benassi on environmental sustainability policies. - "but also dialogue, social inclusion, sustainability, creativity and identity. Petals that are part of the same flower. A smart city, humanized and structured on a strong territorial network made up of places, people and policies that are integrated in a transversal way ".At the end of the meeting there was a concluding plenary session where the speakers of each group illustrated to all the participants the scenarios emerging in the various sectors, also through a graphic representation developed by four students of the Toschi Artistic High School.