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RUGGEDISED organised a policy session at EUSEW 2018

6 June 2018

RUGGEDISED organised a policy session during the European Sustainable Energy week on June 6, to talk about the contribution of energy smart solutions on social cohesion in cities.

The session, moderated by Carsten Rothballer from ICLEI, brought together experiences from cities and experts to discuss different approaches and challenges in thinking about the impact of smart cities on citizens and their quality of life.

The Lighthouse cities of Florence from fellow project REPLICATE and Glasgow from RUGGEDISED each stressed the impact of energy solutions in socially-challenged neighborhoods. In order to reduce energy bills and increase energy security, the cities are aiming for connected buildings and local renewable energy generation. The question of comfort and security, thanks to better energy and peak load management, was addressed with the example of the university district in the city of Umeå developed in RUGGEDISED.

Lighthouse cities as well as experts from the Architecture's Council of Europe and Urban Innovation Vienna highlighted the collective social responsibility and the necessity of integrating all stakeholders of the energy supply chain from planners to resident’s right at the start of urban development projects for a successful transformation.

Download the ppt of the session on the EUSEW website.