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Brno (CZ) offers investment possibilities in Smart City district

30 August 2021

The City of Brno is revitalising its Špitálka District by transforming the unused western part of the oldest heating plant in Brno city into a modern, smart and sustainable neighbourhood. The project design seeks to breathe new life into the area, offering benefits to residents and creative entrepreneurs alike. With a master plan in hand, Brno is busy brainstorming different scenarios for a critical step in the smart district’s journey to fruition: financing.

The master plan

“The master plan focuses on making Špitálka liveable and workable, meaning the district should include everything to satisfy its future citizens and office workers. We will have event sites, offices and recreational houses all done in a sustainable and smart manner,” explains Lukas Gruza, Brno’s RUGGEDISED city manager. 

According to the plan, the interior of the plant’s cooling tower has been reimagined as a space for companies to present their businesses and for locals to hold activities. Meanwhile, the roof will serve as a scenic viewpoint. 

As chronicled on the Špitálka website, all of this work is anchored in the Municipality's #Brno2050 Strategy and supported by the Horizon 2020 project RUGGEDISED.

Opportunity to invest

The City of Brno is taking decisive steps toward accelerating the smart city model through sustainable, innovative solutions that improve the local environment and citizens’ quality of life.

 And now it’s actively looking for investors who wish to do the same.

“We are looking not only for a developer, but for a strategic long-term partner, someone who would stay in the area for at least 30-50 years and, together with the city, will be responsible for the management and viability of the district,” says Yuliya Ostrenko, Locality Manager of the Špitálka District.    

The project plans to conduct a verification study that will bring together expert recommendations regarding the master plan proposal, in addition to determining the parameters for construction and investment. This investment opportunity could become quite a competitive one, as the district is located at the centre of this dynamic city.

Galvanising action

The work to re-develop Špitálka has taken place on many levels, and Brno’s councillor Filip Chvatal even visited RUGGEDISED Lighthouse Rotterdam to gather inspiration for future projects and consult with experts as the Heart of South neighbourhood currently benefiting from RUGGEDISED solutions – such as smart charging parking lots and intelligent street lighting – has similarities with the Špitálka District in Brno. A meet & greet with his Rotterdam colleague, Arno Bonte, completed councillor Chvatal’s trip:

“This visit was very effective; we were able to see for ourselves what has been already realised within [the] Heart of South since the start-up phase some years ago,” he said at that occasion.

The City of Brno hopes to launch the investor competition for the Špitálka District soon. It looks forward to building partnerships that will lead to progress and that will help the city set an example for the Czech Republic, and beyond, with its ambitious smart district project.

Photo: A8000