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Partners sign cooperation contract on smart thermal grid & construction solar panels in Rotterdam South

29 November 2018

On Wednesday 28 November, during the Rotterdam Real Estate 2018 event, Eneco, Rotterdam Ahoy, the Municipality of Rotterdam and the Ballast-Nedam / Heijmans building consortium signed an agreement for the realization of a smart thermal grid and the installation of solar panels on the roofs of the new Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Center and the existing Ahoy, in the Hart van Zuid project area. Under the watchful eye of Policy Officer Jens Bartholmes of the European Commission, a notice board was also unveiled that marks the start of this project.

The construction of the smart thermal grid in and around Rotterdam Ahoy is part of the RUGGEDISED project, which is supported by the European Commission. Peter van der Veer, Director Rotterdam Ahoy: "Now that we have ratified this large-scale collaboration, many beautiful initiatives are starting and we are actually going to make a difference."

Eneco is the party that will build the networks and ensure that Ahoy will be gas-free in the short term Eneco will also realize the largest sunroof in Rotterdam at Ahoy Hans Eneco Chief Customer Officer Eneco: "This first agreement provides a huge step towards making the energy use around Ahoy more sustainable." With these first projects alone, we are achieving a reduction of 1422 tons of CO2. "

RUGGEDISED has a total of 13 ‘smart solutions’ that are all applied in the 'Hart van Zuid' project area. Project director Hart van Zuid, Maarten Kokshoorn: "With Hart van Zuid we are building a strong piece of city that can handle the future. RUGGEDISED strengthens Hart van Zuid by making it even more sustainable in crucial areas. "

Project coordinator RUGGEDISED, Albert Engels: "There is a difference between smart city projects and being a smart city. The difference is in making connections. They make 1 plus 1, not 2 but 3. That is the goal of RUGGEDISED."

Rotterdam has chosen to make Zuid a 'living lab'. For RUGGEDISED, this means that in addition to the partners mentioned above, the municipality also cooperates with RET, KPN, Future Insight, ABN AMRO, Uniresearch, TNO and Erasmus University, among others. The European Commission supports developments at RUGDEDED for five years with € 17.5 million, of which € 5.4 million for Rotterdam. The innovative techniques that are being tested on South will also be applicable in other parts of the city and even far beyond Rotterdam.