Gavin Slater presenting Glasgow's "Smart Street" at Scottish Renewables conference

22 March 2017

Speaking at the opening of the Scottish Renewables conference on March 22, RUGGEDISED project manager for the city of Glasgow, Gavin Slater, introduced the ‘Smart Street’ to an audience of over 250 delegates.

The conference offered presentations from experts, experiences from different cities and interactive discussions on energy transformation with city planners, civic leaders and technology officials from around the world.

The ‘Smart Street’, which will be developed as part of the Ruggedised project, incorporates a range of renewable energy features, such as, an innovative roof-mounted solar canopy, ducted wind turbines, and smart street lighting.

Located in the city centre along a section of George Street and Duke Street, the ‘Smart Street’ will seek to address some of the challenges Glasgow faces from ageing infrastructure, fuel poverty and air pollution; by integrating planned regeneration and development with smart city capabilities. Glasgow aims to be a leading city for renewable technology, and the ‘Smart Street’ is one of a number of initiatives it is using to forge a transformation to smarter, safer city.

Speaking during an interview at the project kick-off meeting, Gavin Slater said: “RUGGEDISED represents a real opportunity to disrupt the status quo, to change the way energy is delivered and create a real legacy of change.”

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Mumbai delegation visits RUGGEDISED lighthouse city Rotterdam

20 March 2017

A 14-member Indian delegation from New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Ahmedabad were on a week-long visit to Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Barcelona, to examine smart city and urban planning developments in Europe and share their experience with relevant experts.

“This is a unique opportunity to examine first-hand the latest urban developments in Europe and relate them to India and also to identify topics and ways for future cooperation,” B. Anand, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Urban Development.

RUGGEDISED project coordinator, Albert Engels, presented Rotterdam's leading role as a lighthouse city and the planned smart solutions implementation in the "Heart of South" district.

Through RUGGEDISED the Heart of South district will undergo a serious transition in the upcoming years. The city of Rotterdam will prepare the district for the future with the aim to achieve maximum energy efficiency and CO2 reduction while simultaneously looking to have a major social economic impact in terms of job creation, levels of participation of citizens and quality of life.

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