You find below materials produced in the RUGGEDISED project for experts in the sustainable urban transition. For more information about the individual smart solutions, please consult the factsheets.

Teaching Cases from RUGGEDISED

The RUGGEDISED partners have worked across borders, organisations and thematic fields to develop more sustainable cities using smart city methods. The experiences have been captured by experts from Erasmus University and made available for free for teachers and students to benefit.

Learn more about the Teaching Cases.

Governance, Trust and Smart City Business Models: the Path to Maturity for Urban Data Platforms

This report details how eighty cities are organizing data assets using state-of-the-art data platforms, and highlights the possible benefits cities can reap by establishing urban data platforms. Read the publication

Implementation Report Rotterdam 2/3

This report details the work undertaken by the RUGGEDISED Lighthouse City of Rotterdam to implement the City's smart solutions.

Focussed on the Heart of South area, Rotterdam is implementing sophisticated smart grids and 3D platforms in partnership with industrial partners and local businesses . Read the publication.

Implementation Report Glasgow 2/3

This report details the work undertaken by the RUGGEDISED Lighthouse City of Glasgow to implement the City's smart solutions.

The work is centred around the Smart Street in the City and is an integral part of Glasgow's strategy to become more sustainable, fight fuel poverty and use ICT to connect the City. Read the publication.

Implementation report Umeå 2/3

This report details the work done by Umeå to make the City's University District into a model for other Smart Cities across Europe. The City has finished the implementation phase and is currently monitoring how the solutions work and contribute positively to the level of CO2 emissions and improves the quality of life for citizens. Read the publication.

All public deliverables from RUGGEDISED

Online Optimization to Enable Sustainable Public Transport

In this work, researchers from Erasmus University and the University of Cologne tackle the complicated problem of planning the electric charging schedule amid various sources of uncertainty. The researchers develop a real-time decision support system (RDSS) that uses real-time data, predictions, and mathematical optimization to develop and update the charging schedule in order to mitigate the impact of operational uncertainties. Based on the insights, a Public Transport Operator started developing an online monitoring and control system adopting some of our suggestions. Find the article in the SSRN Library.

Demand-controlled energy systems in commercial and institutional buildings: a review of methods and potentials

Heating, ventilation and airconditioning (HVAC) are by far the most energy intensive systems in commercial and institutional buildings with office spaces. This makes HVAC systems attractive targets for energy efficiency improvement. In this paper, researchers from Umeå University investigate how new technological advancements can play significant role on improving energy efficiency. Find the article on ResearchGate.

Value Creation through Urban Data Platforms: A Conceptual Framework

In this Conference paper, researchers from Erasmus University identify key UDP dimensions through a literature review. Second, by exploring and discussing their relationships with an expert panel, they develop a framework for understanding value creation through UDPs. By identifying key dimensions of UDP and their effects on value creation through UDP, the proposed framework provides a systematic and comprehensive approach for understanding UDP adoption, use, and value creation.  Find the paper on Scholar Space.

Webinar on Optimizing Electric Transit Bus Networks in Rotterdam. Find the pdf of the presentation here.
RUGGEDISED's Project Coordinator Albert Engels joined a webinar on the Smart City Response to COVID-19
The City of Glasgow and the RUGGEDISED partner ICLEI presented RUGGEDISED with the UN project Urban-LEDS.
The City of Rotterdam joined a webinar to share their work on a Digital City. Learn more here.
RUGGEDISED's Project Coordinator Albert Engels joined a webinar on resilience in smart cities.
Rotterdam's Katelien van den Berge joined a webinar on Smart Cities during the Sustainable Cities and Towns Conference

This webinar presented the key lessons from a detailed study on urban data platforms across Europe and shared examples from Umeå, Rotterdam and HafenCity University. Find materials here.