You find below the key reports and presentations done in the context of the RUGGEDISED project. For more information about the individual smart solutions, please consult the factsheets.

Implementation Report Glasgow 1/3

This report details the work undertaken by the RUGGEDISED Lighthouse City of Glasgow to implement the City's smart solutions.

The work is centred around the Smart Street in the City and is an integral part of Glasgow's strategy to become more sustainable, fight fuel poverty and use ICT to connect the City. Read the publication.

Implementation report Umeå 1/3

This report details the work done by Umeå to make the City's University District into a model for other Smart Cities across Europe. The City has finished the implementation phase and is currently monitoring how the solutions work and contribute positively to the level of CO2 emissions and improves the quality of life for citizens. Read the publication.

Innovation platforms – Why, how and by whom?

The complex challenges of today - ranging from social divisions to global warming - are difficult to handle by existing organisations, formed from a logic more suited for tasks and problems that can be clearly defined and divided. Therefore, innovation is key to managing the societal challenges we face. One way for municipalities to support this innovation is through the creation of innovation platforms. Read the publication.