You find the main reports from RUGGEDISED on urban data platforms below .

Governance, Trust and Smart City Business Models: the Path to Maturity for Urban Data Platforms

This report details how eighty cities are organizing data assets using state-of-the-art data platforms, and highlights the possible benefits cities can reap by establishing urban data platforms. Read the publication.

Teaching Case: Digital City Rotterdam: Open Urban Platform

The case presents the opportunities and challenges facing the City of Rotterdam in the Netherlands surrounding the introduction of an open urban platform (OUP). it is created by the Case Development Centre (CDC) and the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics (ECDA).

The case is freely available here.

Guidance on Smart City Design and Decision Platform

This guide Smart City Design and Decision Platforms (Urban Data Platforms or UDPs) highlights the role and  use  of  emerging  UDPs  in  the  context  of  the  RUGGEDISED  lighthouse  cities.

Find the report here.

Thematic Booklet on Urban Data Platforms

RUGGEDISED partners have implemented different solutions supporting the use of data in their cities, and has conductive research on the European-wide efforts in regards to Urban Data Platforms. This factsheet booklet is one of four in a series that focuses on particular aspects of the smart city approach and how to tackle common challenges faced by cities and communities across Europe.

Find the individual smart solutions below or read the Implementation Reports from the Lighthouses Cities to have the full city overview. Read the urban data booklet here.











Rotterdam - 3D city operations model

A 3D city operations model is developed to visualise real-time and longitudinal energy-use both for individual buildings and the whole project area in Heart of South. Data will be made publically available through an open-source data platform to stimulate further innovation.

Partners: Rotterdam, KPN, Future Insight

Download the factsheet

Umeå - Smart City open-data decision platform   

A smart city data infrastructure will be developed to provide open source data on the city’s energy consumption and production, buildings and technologies, travel patterns, as well as non-technical information such as business models and support processes. Citizens', as well as other potential users, will be allowed access to the data.

Partners: Umeå Kommun

Download the factsheet

Glasgow - Smart open-data decision platform   

For Glasgow, a 'Data Based Decision Platform' will be built upon the existing open data platform and Energy App through which users (local authority practitioners, businesses, academics, etc) can run queries to ascertain information in relation to decision making in the city.


Partners: Glasgow City Council

Download the factsheet



You find below materials related to the RUGGEDISED webinar on Urban Data on January 29, 2021. For any other RUGGEDISED material, please see the 'materials' section. .

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